I’m captivated by the Mary’s journey to the cross. 

Their selfless devotion to Jesus. 

Their unwavering hopefulness despite their circumstances.

Their journey’s began with Jesus giving them a fresh start.

For Mary Magdalene it was that Jesus didn’t see her past, her failures or her mistakes. He only saw His love for her and the future He had in mind.

For Jesus’s mother Mary it was that Jesus had been her miracle, her miracle baby… and now the fulfillment of a dream she had held in her heart from the night the angel had visited her and announced she would carry in her womb the Savior of the world. 

For both of them, Jesus was their only hope.

No wonder they were so devoted to Him. He had devoted Himself to them, just like He has to you and me. And now, even though it seemed like all hope was lost, they clung to their faith, they clung to their only hope – Jesus.

We read in Matthew 27-28 that both Mary’s traced Jesus’ journey to the cross…watching…waiting. 

They knew their Jesus and they knew their only hope was in Him.

As we prepare our hearts for this coming Easter, I find myself yearning to be selflessly devoted like the Mary’s. 

I want to pour out my heart in extravagant worship like Mary Magdalene did when she anointed Jesus with her expensive perfume.

I want to trust in God and give my whole life up in service to God like the young Mary, Jesus’s mother-to-be did, when she said “Yes” to her part in God’s plan.

I want to give Jesus all of my heart and my devotion – the finest, deepest thankfulness that I can, a life of worship, dedication and service. 

Because He is my hope. 

As the new day dawned, and Mary and Mary Magdalene visited the tomb where Jesus lay, their unwavering hope was rewarded.

Their Jesus, their Savior, had indeed risen to fulfill not only their hopes, but the hopes of all mankind. “He is Risen!”, the angel declared. And with that statement hope won. They were the first to hear – these Mary’s with unwavering hope.

As I prepare my heart for Easter, I want to renew my hope in the Savior who has won for me. 

His love, this hope that won on that day, has won for you and me.  

It’s won a life where I can know my heavenly Father in an intimate, deep, daily relationship. It’s won a life where I am made right with God, where I’m righteous in His eyes. It’s won a life where I can live with the continual presence of God with me through each and every moment of each and every day. It’s won a life where I have peace with God, regardless of where I’ve been and what I’ve done.

This Easter I remember that this same hope that won that day will win for all of eternity. #hopewillwin