Be in the Cause

February 3, 2019 | Sermon by Ps Jono Kerridge

Be in the Cause - Ps Jono Kerridge - Tweed Coast Church

On Sunday Pastor Jono spoke about “Be in the cause” from Luke 4:14-21:

  • In Luke 4:18 it says “The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me. BECAUSE means ‘for this reason’ or ‘for this cause’. “For this cause” is a call from God. It’s a call for us to position ourselves in the cause of Christ. Christ=Anointed one. As Christ-ians we are anointed ones. Discuss how you can ‘be in the cause’ in your everyday life.
  • Jesus came from Nazareth, a quaint seaside community that people said “nothing good every comes out of nazareth” yet Jesus was the Son of God. Discuss this statement and how it relates to your life: God is renowned for making great things from the most unlikely situations of people. Have you seen this in your own life? Share how God has used your life and your most unlikely sitatuations.
  • Be ready to align your will with God’s plan for your life. God’s has a destiny and plan for each of our lives but we need to align our own will with his destiny. Is there anywhere is your own life where you need to align your will with God’s plan? What steps do you need to take to do this?
  • We are proclaimers of this good news of Jesus. This means we are to speak out the good news. We are proclaimers of freedom and vision. Read Isaiah 4: 18 & 19. What are we to proclaim? How can we do this through our lives?
  • In Luke 4:18 we are also told to “set the oppressed free”. As well as proclaiming, we are to get our hands dirty and begin to literally “set the oppressed free”. What does this mean? How can you be a part of getting involved in someones life and seeing them set free?


  • That you would have opportunity to begin to proclaim the goodness of God over your life and others
  • To be bold in getting involved in someones life and seeing them set free

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