Jesus is Jubilee

February 24, 2019 | Sermon by Ps Jono Kerridge

Jesus is Jubilee - Ps Jono Kerridge - Tweed Coast Church

Luke 4:18-19 (NLT) Background to this passage of Scripture : The Year of the Lord’s favour is really The Year of Jubilee On the Day of Atonement In the life of Israel in the Old Testament the  High Priest was required to perform the once a year sacrifice as a sin offering for the forgiveness of the sins of all the  people . Every 50 years there was a special Year of Jubilee, when all debts were cancelled, and prisoners set free.

  1. It’s Time To Live Free
Jesus is Jubilee Jesus took Isaiah 61:21 and declared that the description of the Year of Jubilee was fulfilled in Him.  He is our Jubilee. His ministry was to release the captives and cancel the debt for our sin on the cross. The Lord’s favour is not just a year today, it’s an Age. It’s time to live free. 2 Corinthians 6:1-2 How Can We Be sure we are living in the freedom He has won for us?
  1. It’s Time to Touch God.
The power and Presence of God is ours today. Make this a determined desire every day of our lives. What helps you to stay close to the Lord every moment of the day?
  1. It’s Time To Serve God.
Now is the time to give your all for Him – right now. Do you know what He has called you to be in serving Him? Pray for each other that our gifts and calling will be used in our rightful place in the Church for the Kingdom of God .