The Christ of Christianity

March 10, 2019 | Sermon by Ps Jono Kerridge

The Christ of Christianity - Ps Jono Kerridge - Tweed Coast Church

“OPERATION-GOS-PILL” The Christ of Christianity.”

The Gospel is The Good News of Jesus.

The Gospel changes our lives. It never wears out. Romans 1:16.

  2. God Takes the Initiative. Genesis 3:9 John 15:16;
  3. God Makes Himself Known
  4. a) Through Creation.Creation is God ‘s Greatest Evangelist” (Jonathan Edwards) Psalm 19:1.
  5. b) Through the Word. The Scriptures are alive. God Makes Himself Known through the Word.
  6. God is Found if We Seek Him. Matthew 7:7. The thrill is actually being found by Him.

Christianity is About Christ.

  2. He claimed to be God. John 10:30 -33 John 8:42
  3. He claimed to fulfil Scripture Matt 5:17. Luke 24: 25=27.
  4. Jesus claimed to have come from Heaven. John 3:13
  5. Jesus claimed to be sinless. John 8:46
  6. Jesus claimed to be able to forgive sin. Sin is missing the mark.
  7. Jesus is the only way to heaven. John 14:6
  8. Jesus claimed to be able to give eternal life.John 6:40
  9. Jesus claimed to be the Christ.John 3:16

DISCUSS: Which of these claims is a fresh revelation to you. Why.

Jesus came for:

  1. A plan.
  2. An event that took place – the cross.
  3. An achievement – Sin was atoned for. It.s a guilt smashing achievement.
  4. An offer for each one personally.
  5. The Application – The offer has to be taken . You receive the cleansing whiteness for yourself.
  6. We pass the offer on. 1 Peter 3:18. Romans’ 1:16.

DISCUSS: How these 6 steps can form a personal outline we can use to share the Gospel with our friends.